Whistleblowers – Who Are They And What Do They Do?

If you find that everyone has started you to treat differently at the workplace, then it could be because of your behavior. You may have been showing signs of a whistleblower. So, let us know more about who is a whistleblower, and how to face the criticism at the workplace.

What are the difficulties a whistleblower can face at the workplace?

A whistleblower generally faces opposition at the workplace. There are possibilities that he may get terminated due to any bogus reason. Most of the time such type of negative treatment comes when you tell your government agency or employer that the firm was into some illegal activity.

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What makes you a whistleblower?

You may be wondering why all this is happening to me. If you can relate to all these situations, then it shows people perceive you as a whistleblower. So, what the word whistleblower means? A whistleblower is basically a person who “takes a stand” to oppose any illegal doings in the company. He retaliates against it.

Is it right when a whistleblower is retaliated at the workplace?

Such type of workplace retaliation that you experience and suffer from is illegal. A majority of states and federal statutes forbid such types of treatments.  They may also provide you the route or course of action to follow to prevent the damage caused due to the retaliation.

There have been laws made on Whistleblower that states that an employer has no right to hit back against “whistleblower” employees who do the following things:

  • Report any illegal conduct to their higher-level executives, managers, or any external government agency
  • If they refuse to perform any assigned task as it goes against the law. In addition to it, they also tell the employer about the reason for their refusal of the work.

What is a whistleblower board?

Whistleblower laws cover several kinds of conduct. A few statutes cover specific types of things that include OSHA violations, any securities or any medicare fraud.

Whistleblower statute is a broad term that also includes illegal conduct that violates any regulation, common law claim, and statute.  In the case of the healthcare industry, a whistleblower board also takes ethical standards into consideration.


There is there nothing bad about being a whistleblower and raise your voice against unethical practices in the company. It is important to know the rights of a whistleblower as per Whistleblower statute of your state. It will give you a direction on how to face workplace retaliation.

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