Speed Up Your SSD Application Process by Hiring A Disability Attorney

If you are diagnosed with a medical condition that is causing hindrance to your work or unable to work due to long-term illness or injury, you may have queries regarding Social Security Disability (SSD) application process. After you have educated yourself on the process, you’ll learn that it involves a lot of work. Many factors go into acceptance of disability claims.

The reason why 65% of disability claims are denied is because of lack of knowledge on how to do the paperwork and lack of necessary medical documentation. Statistics reveal that there is a higher chance of Social Security Administration (SSA) accepting a disability claim when an attorney represents the person.

Get legal help with social security disability attorney in Los Angeles by contacting Law Offices of Edward J. Singer law firm. Their attorneys are aware about the intricate details of the process and collect all the necessary documentation required to make sure your disability claim is approved.

Why hire a social security disability attorney?

  • Social security disability attorneys have a thorough understanding of the application process.
  • They are aware of the know-hows to present your case in such a way that makes your disability evident
  • They help you in collecting the required medical records from hospitals.
  • By hiring an attorney, you cut down the chance of your plea being rejected due to lack of medical evidence.
  • After you are done with the application submission, the attorney checks with the SSA and keeps you updated.

The attorney presents your case in favourable light. They will argue that your disability is covered in the listed impairments mentioned in the ‘blue book’. The attorney also prepares the clients to handle the questions of the judge. If your original claim has been denied, the attorney will represent you in subsequent hearing proceedings.

A social security disability attorney can help with moving your case forward quickly if the client is in dire financial need. During the hearing the attorney will give your testimony and make the judge understand how the disability is affecting your life. If you are unable to appear for your hearing due to your medical condition, your attorney would request an OTR (on the Record) decision by which your claim can be approved without a hearing.

The cost involved in hiring an attorney is usually lesser than 25% of your disability payback. You only have to pay a minimal amount upfront. If you are considering filing for disability claim, contact a social security disability attorney at the earliest.

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