A Short Note Explaining Uncontested Divorce in Virginia

Uncontested Divorce means, if you or your spouse do not want to argue about the divorce settlement and agree not to contest the divorce in the court. This form of divorce is quite common in the States as the divorce isn’t a messy affair and the process will be complete quickly. The divorced couple is able to save money, time, remain not tensed and able to focus on their separated life soon.

The Newport News uncontested divorce attorneys always strive to have their clients agree to uncontested divorce for multiple reasons.

The reasons are:

  • The great beneficial feature is that there won’t be any messy affair. Thus, the lawyers are able to work on all the mutual agreements favoring both the people ready to lead a separate life.
  • The proceedings in the court moves fast. As the couple agrees to all the clauses of the divorce agreement, the court takes nominal time to grant the divorce.
  • Even though the lawyers may not gain much monetarily, they are happy for completing the proceedings of the case in without any hassle.

Few more lines on uncontested divorce:

The issues the couple needs to agree on are several, but to avail inexpensive divorce and have fast track settling of the whole matter legally they find solutions to dissolve the issues.

Here is the list of issues mainly needed to be solved before filing for divorce:

  • Dividing the land assets and other valuable properties.
  • Need to consider paying back the debts that have been taken earlier by mutual consent.
  • Parents of minor child or children must decide about the child custody and visiting rights.
  • Plan child support, their educational and medical expenses.
  • If a spouse doesn’t work and have the child to take care of then the other spouse needs to provide alimony.
  • Any other funds or family treasures need to be divided that they got as gift in their marriage.

The simple conditions that need to be done before filing the divorce case in family court:  

  • Both or one of them must of have stayed in Virginia for the least six months.
  • You are ready to file a no fault divorce.
  • Both have resolved every issue regarding the divorce.
  • Both for six months have been living separately.

You can file for divorce by hiring expert uncontested divorce attorneys such as lawyers from $ You are sure to have settled your divorce case easily.

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