Divorce in Houston: Things women must know about Texas laws

Nothing anyone says is going to ease the pain of getting a divorce. Even when spouses have a genuine reason to part ways, there is usually resentment and anger. If you are a woman going through a divorce in Houston or contemplating the decision, you need to spend considerable time understanding the state laws in Texas. The good news is there are efficient family lawyers who can be your support and guide through the process, and you can click here to schedule an appointment. Here’s an overview of Texas divorce laws for women.

The divorce laws are gender neutral

This essentially means that just because you are a woman, you don’t automatically qualify for alimony or would get a more significant share of the marital property. The laws are gender-neutral on paper. However, you need to remember that women often face very unique circumstances in a divorce, and therefore, it is even more important to focus on finding ways to protect your rights and goals.

You must focus on finances

Before you start the legal process or have that tough conversation with your spouse, you need to focus on the financial aspects. Data shows that women often suffer more when it comes to the economic toll of divorce, even though the laws are usually focused on both parties. Work with your lawyer to gather necessary information, consider whether you need spousal support and child support, and figure out the best ways to protect your future.

You may have an edge in the custody battle

If you have a minor child, you will likely get primary custody. It is relevant to mention that this is not always true for many divorces. However, data shows that mothers are often given custody of minor kids, especially when the children are young. Talk to your lawyer if you think the custody battle will likely be an issue.

Do not ignore domestic violence

If you are being abused in the marriage, you must address domestic violence as you file for divorce. Your lawyer can help you get a protective order, and for the given circumstances, domestic violence may impact the outcomes and decisions related to the divorce. Your safety should be your immediate concern, and you also need to ensure the same for your kids.

Talk to an experienced family lawyer in Houston now and be honest with them about all the aspects concerning your marriage. 

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