Beware Of These Common Green Card Myths

It is many people’s dream around the world to live in the United States. To do this, they need to apply for an immigration visa, after which they can initiate the process of getting a green card. A green card helps you stay in America for life without the obligation of coming back. 

However, obtaining both of these documents- an immigration visa and a green card, are not easy at all. You must have an experienced Dallas immigration lawyer by your side to ensure you do not make any costly errors. If you apply for a green card, there are a few myths you should know about. 

Common green card myths 

  • Obtaining a green card is not difficult. 

Being approved for a green card is probably one of the most difficult things you may have to do in your life. It is challenging to obtain a green card as the authorities only select a specific number of people after months of tedious procedures. Even if you get approved, one wrong piece of information or action can set you back. 

  • It is compulsory to hire a lawyer for a green card. 

No. It is not legally mandatory for applicants to hire a Dallas immigration lawyer during their application process. However, people who have legal guidance by their side are less likely to make mistakes and, thus, more likely to get their green cards. 

  • Marriage is the only way to get a green card. 

We cannot emphasize how untrue this myth is. While marriage significantly increases your odds of getting a green card, it is not the only way. This myth has been developed around the fact that marriage is the most popular method. You can also get a green card by: 

  • Petition filed by an employer.
  • Petition filed by a family member.
  • Getting married to a US resident. 
  • Once you get a green card, you cannot be deported. 

The irony is this misconception has led many people to get deported because of their actions. Merely having a green card does not protect you from being deported. Unless you are a legal US citizen, US immigration can deport you back to your native country if you commit a crime. 

  • Green cards last forever. 

Just like your driver’s license, green cards have an expiry date as well. The cardholder must note down the expiration date and make sure that they apply for a new green card before the old one expires. Different green cards may have different lifespans. For example, green cards obtained through marriage last for three years, while family-sponsored cards last for ten years. 

If you wish to live or continue living in the United States, a green card is crucial. Hire a lawyer today to initiate the procedure. 

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