Tips When Filing For A Truck Accident Claim

Trucking is an essential part of transporting goods and commodities, but they also pose a serious danger to other travelers when traveling throughout the country. When you are involved in a semi, big rig, or commercial truck, the most important thing you should do after taking care of your health is to partner with Palmdale Lancaster truck accident lawyers to protect your rights.

Once you have hired a lawyer, follow the tips when filing for a truck accident claim.

Tips when filing for a truck accident claim

  • Make an agreement with a cruck accident attorney.

Frame a professional relationship with a lawyer specializing in truck accident cases by negotiating, reviewing, and signing a contract with terms that you are confident about. Mentioned below is the outline of the agreement letter.

  • Fee charges, other expenses, and payments for recovering damages in the case are mentioned or not. It means “ if we can not win, you pay nothing” promise that you hear primarily in law firms. 
  • Terms explaining how you and your attorney can cancel the agreement.
  • Understanding the timelines involved in the truck accident claims and how much you should wait without extensive communications.
  • Disclaimer how your attorney will handle the case, negotiate medical expenses, and perform investigations.

Keep in mind that the working style of each law firm is different; some are very simple while others are pretty in-depth. Make sure that you know every basic point of the agreement before signing it.

  • Perform communication through your truck crash lawyer only.

After hiring a professional lawyer, the legal team will dive into your claim. The legal team will advise you to limit the communication of your case to your lawyer only. Commercial truck accident cases are handled differently than regular passenger car accidents because many additional players are involved.

  • Report the truck accident only to your own insurance company
  • Never answer any questions or sign anything that you are unsure about.

  • Investigation and evidence collection

You have already discussed and presented the basic evidence with your attorney. Based on this evidence–medical records, personal account of the truck crash, and a review of police reports that helps the law firms analyze how your case can move forward.

Your legal team will unravel every possible detail to help move your case. It often includes the following.

  • Reviewing the police reports
  • Engaging with insurance adjusters
  • Reviewing traffic camera recordings
  • Communicating with the truck company’s insurance representatives

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