Things to know about workers’ compensation claims in Virginia

Every year, hundreds of workers suffer injuries in workplace accidents, and a considerable number of cases are reported in Virginia alone. While workers’ compensation may seem easy on paper, things may not work as expected, because the payment for settlement comes from the insurance company, and not the employer. All employers in the state are required to have workers’ compensation coverage, including for those working part-time. This also gives immunity to employers in a way, as employees cannot sue the company directly for the injuries. If you suffered injuries at work, consider talking to an experienced Virginia Beach workers’ compensation attorney to know the course of action. Here are some important things worth knowing. 

How much is the claim worth?

This is a valid question that many victims want to know, but there is no singular or direct answer for this. The actual compensation that a person gets depends on many factors, including the extent of injuries. Also, just because you were injured at work doesn’t mean that your workers’ compensation claim is valid. For instance, if someone just had a heart attack at work, this doesn’t mean that their work is responsible for that. In other words, to get the benefits of the coverage, one must establish that the injuries were a result of an accident that happened in the due course of the job. 

Filing the claim and more

Just because you couldn’t report the incident and your injuries on the same day as it happened doesn’t mean that you cannot get workers’ compensation benefits. Your first priority should be about getting medical assistance, and you have a window of 30 days to report the incident to the employer. The insurance adjuster is not your best friend in such cases, because their job is to ensure that the settlement amount is as low as possible. They may make an offer instantly, which may not be anywhere close to what you deserve. 

Finding an attorney

There are many known firms that specialize in workers’ compensation claims in Virginia, and they can guide you on your rights and everything else. They will also ensure that you have the necessary support that you need, and more importantly, they will evaluate the true nature of your claims, so that the settlement amount is fair. 

Check online for top attorneys in Virginia Beach and contact at least a couple to know more on how the workers’ compensation system works. 

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