Six Ways to Prevent Crashes in Parking Lots

Major roads like highways and interstates are paid lots of attention in terms of strategies on avoiding crashes. Usually, accidents that occur on these roads lead to serious or life-threatening injuries. But, people often forget that accidents can also happen in parking lots including parking spaces at retail stores, big venues such as stadiums and arenas, as well as shopping malls. If you have been involved in a car crash and want to get the compensation you deserve, work with a lawyer from

But, there are ways to prevent car crashes in parking lots from happening such as the following:

Plan your Trip

Consider avoiding peak shopping times if possible. During these times, the road will not be congested and there will be fewer drivers in the parking lot.

Keep your Speed Low

As you drive through a parking lot, try to slow down. Vehicles may appear out of nowhere or get into your lane suddenly. You need to have enough time to stop when the need arises. Going slower also helps you avoid a lot of other dangers in parking lots such as running children and shopping carts.

Let Others Know your Intensions

Drivers will look for signals from other road users about their intentions. Use your turn signals to make your next move obvious to other people around you.

Park Smart

This means picking a parking spot that lets you exit easily from the spot. Look for a spot that allows you to drive forward when leaving instead of backing out. Also, you may be able to park further away where you are less likely to get your car hit by nearby vehicles or stray shopping carts. Make sure to center your car in between the parking lines to avoid getting hit by the door of a nearby car.

Avoid Distractions

This is important while in a parking lot. You need to focus your eyes on the road and avoid getting your phone. Also, do not eat or drink while pulling into a parking space. To make sure you are aware of your surroundings and hear alert sounds, turn off your music.

Back Out Carefully

As you back out from the parking space, turn your head to every side to ensure it is clear behind you. Although you can use your camera and mirror, you won’t be able to see blind spots with them. That is why you need to manually inspect your surroundings. When  backing out, allow others to steer clear of you.

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