Five Important Topics to Address When Meeting a Divorce Lawyer

When choosing a divorce attorney, there is no substitute for in-person consultations. While you can find reviews of popular divorce lawyers in Centennial, some reviews don’t clearly relate to your needs. These reviews often highly the price of the attorney, their availability, and other considerations to offer you a sense of the quality of services they offer. But, you will want an attorney you can tell your unique divorce story to. Meeting a lawyer can change the game. Here are topics you must address when meeting a divorce lawyer:

Attorney’s Fees

Picking Centennial divorce attorneys by their rate or retainer size is not a great way to find quality legal representation. You don’t want an attorney who promises quick divorce with a low rate or one who charges the most and breaking the bank. The best attorney has competitive rates and retainers.

Response Rate

You will want an attorney who will respond to your queries quickly. Will you be contacted by a paralegal or other member of their legal staff? Determine your primary contract if you retain the firm. As a client, you want to be heard, understood, and supported, so you must consider the amount of time it takes the attorney to respond and the quality of their responses.

Your Goal

When you meet an attorney, tell them your ideal outcome and ask if it can be attained. A great lawyer can tell you a path to achieving your goal. Remember though that although a lawyer is knowledgeable about the law, they can’t guarantee any outcome.

How You Can Make the Divorce Less Expensive

The majority of clients are concerned about the financial cost of a divorce. The cost will depend on a lot of factors including the difficulty of your case, whether custody of the children is contested, and how well you and your spouse will cooperate during the process.

A good attorney can tell you how to settle your case more efficiently. If you and your spouse are willing to compromise, a settlement will be more likely and the case will be less expensive. Generally, the less the attorney has to get involved with disputes between you and your spouse, the less money you will have to spend on legal fees.

What you Can Expect from the Process

The timing and difficulty of the divorce process will depend on the issues that you and your spouse must resolve. But, most divorces follow a similar process. It includes filing for divorce, serving or notifying the other party, collecting information, addressing child custody, support and asset management, and having a resolution through a settlement agreement or a court hearing. Your attorney should talk with you about this process.

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