Can I Recover Lost Wages After A Car Accident?

It is uncommon to walk away unscathed from a car accident. Based on the cause of the accident, such as reckless driving, violating driving regulations, and drunk driving, the severity of your injuries differs. Common injuries include whiplash, neck and back pain, spinal disorders, fractures, and traumatic brain injuries. 

Based on the injuries sustained and their impact on your lifestyle, car accident attorneys can build a case to help you receive appropriate compensation. An Idaho car accident attorney helps relieve your legal workload during this stressful time and is a reliable source you can depend on to receive your rightful settlement. 

Why are you compensated for lost wages? 

  • When the intensity of the injury is high, it prevents people from working at their jobs. These injuries can impact your physical health and affect your basic movements or cognitive abilities such as learning, recalling information, and thinking. 
  • You might also be diagnosed with disabilities that last all your life. This damage is irreversible by surgeries and physical therapy, and you can not work again. 
  • An accident can cause serious damage to the state of your mental health as well. You might develop anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorders, which prevent you from working. 
  • While you receive proper medical treatment, you are not allowed to work not to strain your body and allow it to heal properly and quickly. This also continues after your treatment ends for a certain time period which might last weeks or months, to help restore your body to its prime. 

If the victim loses their income because of another driver’s negligence, they are obligated to be compensated accordingly. The medical reports state the time the victim requires to reach maximum recovery, and their wages are calculated according to their current pay. The attorney is required to present an official statement from the employer stating the tariff’s job and details about their earnings for the court or insurance company. 

What is lost earning capacity? 

  • When the victim is diagnosed with the condition that prevents them from working again, the compensation needs to be calculated in terms of the future.
  • It is extremely crucial to estimate these with the utmost accuracy since the person’s income might support the entire family’s livelihood. Any incorrect judgment might affect their quality of life and cause multiple financial strains. 
  • You can also file a claim for diminished earning capacity when your disability does not prevent you from working entirely but reduces your efficiency rate. 

An attorney is well experienced, having dealt with similar cases previously, and accumulates and presents all necessary documents and information in court for you to receive compensation that helps cover the costs of the damages you incurred because of the accident, including the income you lost.

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