A Quick Q&A with Asbestos

Here’s a rather unusual but interesting idea: what if asbestos could talk? What if we had a conversation with asbestos? That’s different – right? Yeah, that’s what we thought so too, so without further adieu, here is a quick Q&A with asbestos:

Q: So, there has been a lot of talk about you being dangerous and even bad, but the truth is, you are a naturally-occurring mineral. How do you explain that?

A: I guess it comes down to the connotation applied to the word “naturally” because that doesn’t necessarily translate to safe. Cacti are naturally occurring plants, but they are very dangerous to handle. Volcanoes are naturally-occurring events but can emit dangerous gases. Yes, I’m natural, but it isn’t me it is how I am or in this case, how I’m not used that makes the difference.

Q: Interesting. Now, if I’m understanding you correctly, you are saying that it isn’t your fault, at least as far as what you have control over?

A: That’s essentially it, much like water is only responsible for someone drowning by the nature that it is water.

Q: Okay, that makes sense. So what would you do to have people be safer around you, or what changes would you make about how you are used or handled?

A: Well, that seems fairly obvious to me, knowing what we now know, I guess what I’ve always known. People can’t breathe around me safely, period. That basically means that I should be left where I am, and simply put, I should never be mined or used.

Q: Not even carefully, like those cacti you spoke about?

A: There is no safe way to “handle” me, so to speak, because once I am used in any type of manufactured product, I present a clear and present danger.

Q: Like mesothelioma?

A: Among others. I have heard that I am the only proven cause of mesothelioma. I don’t say that with pride or sadness, I am indifferent – I am a mineral.

Q: Thank you for your time asbestos, is there anything else you would like to say or would like us to know before we finish?

A: It would probably be a good idea to get checked out if you know you have been around me. In particular, if you experience symptoms such as shortness of breath or a persistent and dry cough.

Support for Asbestos Exposure and Asbestos-Related Issues like Mesothelioma

This is and never has been about asbestos. This is about those who continue to use asbestos without any regard for the safety and well-being of others. And it is about helping those who have suffered and who are suffering as a result of asbestos exposure. From organizations like Mesothelioma Justice Network and people trying to make a change and seek justice for victims through the legal system, there is support and help.

If you are experiencing symptoms, contact a doctor. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, it is time to contact legal help. If asbestos could talk, it would tell you to do the exact same thing.

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