A guide to getting a copy of your collision report

For a variety of reasons, you might wish to request a copy of your Washington State collision report. Keep a copy of the Washington State Patrol officer’s report if you claim to have been injured in an automobile accident, and they responded to the scene. An officer’s impartial, third-party evaluation could provide substantial proof of what occurred and who might be at blame.

Thankfully, requesting your report is a relatively simple procedure. You have three options for ordering your report:

  • Online
  • via mail
  • In-person

In this piece, we’ll go over each of these three approaches.

Clients frequently only contact us after becoming frustrated with the claims procedure. Obtaining their collision report or receiving constant calls from insurance brokers could be examples of these frustrations. Don’t be reluctant to contact a lawyer handling car accident cases in Tacoma right now!

The simplest way to get your collision report is to order it online

By visiting WRECR’s website, you can request a report online.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Head over to the WRECR report search page.
  • Use the collision number, name, or date range to find it.
  • You’ll need to pay $10.50 for the collision report.

The report will then be available for download. Please be aware that the database may not update for several days after an accident before the report is available.

How to Mail a Request for a Collision Report

You can also send a letter requesting your collision report.

What you should do is:

  • Request for a Copy of the Collision Report Form
  • Postal Address: PO Box 42628, Olympia, WA 98504-2628, Washington State Patrol, Collision Records Division
  • Include a $10.50 cheque or money order made out to the Washington State Patrol. Avoid sending cash.

Just like the online report, the report for an accident may take up to two weeks to be available.

Requesting a collision report personally

The Collision Records Section office also has a kiosk where you can physically request a copy of your report during regular business hours. The staff will be able to assist you if you have any questions.

What details are contained in my collision report?

Possible information is:

  • Names of the involved drivers
  • the moment and place of the crash
  • traffic situation
  • weather circumstances
  • Collision’s nature
  • If any suspected major or mild injuries
  • If there were citations
  • The BAC data (if this was a DUI situation)

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